Becky's Priorities

Improved Literacy Scores

The percentage of students in Duval County scoring as proficient on the state reading assessment has been relatively unchanged for the past two years. However, only about half of our DCPS students are proficient in reading.   

The School Board’s highest priority should be to ensure that every student in the District can read. I will provide continual oversight to ensure that the District’s Comprehensive Evidence-Based Reading Plan is implemented with fidelity and that teachers and principals have what they need to apply teaching methodologies that have been proven to work.

School safety and student discipline

The School Board should lead the way in addressing school safety and discipline, supporting teachers as the experts in classroom management. Setting up teachers and students for success is a two-sided coin: One side is high quality literacy and math instruction, and the other side is fostering a positive learning environment. Disruptions and distractions must be handled promptly so that students and teachers can focus their energy on learning.


The School Board must improve the level of trust stakeholders have in the District. As a School Board Member, I will have a relentless focus on stewarding the District’s dollars and ensuring that all School Board policies and state statutes are followed. When dollars are spent well and the rules are followed, our community will reap the benefits.

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