Jacksonville Fraternal Order of Police

“We value your commitment to public safety and see you as an asset to the community that you serve.”

Florida State Senator

Clay Yarborough

“Becky Nathanson is the proven leader we need on our School Board. She is a tireless advocate for student safety, financial transparency, and retention of high-quality teachers. Becky also fights for our shared values and the right of parents to be informed about their children’s education. A vote for Becky Nathanson is a vote to put students and parents first.”



“Our future hinges on dedicated leadership, and I have witnessed firsthand Becky’s unwavering advocacy for students, teachers, and staff. Her tenacity and passion for service will undoubtedly shape the future of our children and our School Board. I wholeheartedly endorse Becky and stand with her in her campaign to ensure a powerful voice for our community’s future.”

Florida State Representative

Dean Black

“I proudly endorse Becky Nathanson for the upcoming Duval County School Board election. In these challenging times, strong and dedicated leadership is crucial, and Becky exemplifies these qualities.
She has consistently demonstrated a commitment to listening to stakeholders and will advocate for parents’ rights to always have the opportunity to speak at School Board meetings. Let’s ensure our schools receive the leadership they deserve.  I urge you to join me in supporting Becky Nathanson for School Board!”

Jacksonville City Councilman

Terrence Freeman 

“As a passionate advocate for the future of our Duval Public Schools, I wholeheartedly endorse Becky Nathanson for School Board. Becky’s dedication makes her the ideal candidate to address the challenges facing our schools. She is prepared to make the tough decisions necessary to improve our district,  while keeping our neighborhood schools thriving and our budget practices transparent.


Join me in supporting Becky for the Duval School Board. Together, we can ensure a bright future for our neighborhood schools and our children.”

Jacksonville City Councilman

Rory Diamond

“I wholeheartedly support Becky Nathanson for the Duval County School Board-District 3. As a lifelong resident of the district, Becky understands the vital role neighborhood schools play in our community. She is also committed to transparency in the School Board’s budget, so you know how your tax dollars are being spent. Vote for Becky Nathanson for the Duval School Board-District 3—it’s the clear and easy choice!”

Jacksonville City Councilman Mike Gay

“Becky is a principled conservative who will be an asset to the Duval County School Board. She has worked tirelessly on behalf of Duval parents and taxpayers and will prioritize parental rights and fiscal responsibility. I’m honored to endorse her campaign.”  

Duval County Clerk of Courts

Jody Phillips

“I’m proud to endorse Becky Nathanson for the Duval County School Board in District 3. Becky is a staunch supporter of neighborhood schools, recognizing their critical role in accessible and quality education. She is also deeply committed to engaging parents, teachers, and other stakeholders to make sure our schools reflect the needs of our community. I ask you to vote for Becky Nathanson to secure a brighter future for our children.”

 Former Florida State Senator


“As a former Speaker of the Florida House, I am proud to endorse Becky Nathanson for Duval County School Board in her challenge against the incumbent. Becky’s extensive volunteerism and activism within our school system demonstrate her deep commitment to our community’s educational well-being.


Becky is a strong advocate for school safety and neighborhood schools.  Her proactive stance on these critical issues reflects her dedication to the safety and well-being of our students.


I encourage you to vote for Becky. I know that she will bring much-needed positive change and effective leadership to our school board.”

Former Florida Secretary of Education

Jim Horne

“As a former State Education Commissioner with a deep commitment to advancing our local educational system, I am proud to endorse Becky Nathanson for Duval County School Board. Becky’s unwavering dedication and advocacy for educational reform are exemplary. She has already proven herself as a forward-thinking leader who tackles the significant challenges facing our teachers and schools head-on. I have full confidence that Becky will bring a fresh perspective and strong leadership to the School District. Please join me in supporting her for School Board, where she will undoubtedly continue to make a positive impact on our educational landscape.”

♦ Committee for Responsible Governance


First Coast Manufacturers Association 


Stand 4 Jax


First Coast Catholics

What your neighbors are saying about School Board Candidate Rebecca Nathanson?

“For years, Becky has been fighting to protect our children. We need her voice on the School Board.”

–Ellen S., parent, San Marco/Hendricks area


 “Rebecca Nathanson is an outspoken supporter of school safety. This earned her the endorsement of local law enforcement.”

–Debbie E., grandparent, Englewood area 


“We desperately need leadership from our School Board. With Becky, what you see is what you get.”     

–Rebecca B., school volunteer, Baymeadows / San Jose area


 “Rebecca is a leader teachers can trust. She supports us, and we can count on her.”

–Sarah C., teacher, Southside area


 “Rebecca is not afraid to speak up. Our family supports her.”

–Jan M., Sandalwood area 

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